18 Mar 2011

Vintage Fashion Show

As you know, I volunteer for the vintage fashion show in my town somewhere in Somerset (England) Vintage Fashion Show and I have been hoping to share these pictures with you all. the last time I was at the fashion show, all we had was vinatge and ethicall garments.

This time around the organisers brought some other fashion students and designers with an edge to them to show case their garments at the fashion show.
These are a few of the amazing designs. I also managed to talk to the designers about their garments and of course I took photos.

30 Jan 2011

Yet again !

It's like the the joys of sewing in Alice kettle inspired theme, just came back again.

13 Jan 2011


After having a temporary break from it all (making patterns and clothes) I've decided to embark on a new mission (recycled styles). However, in the meantime, here is a completed project from last june I guess the emblishements were just inspiration from several artists.

1 Jan 2011

1.1.11 New Blog new beginnings

Okay so I have not blogged in an absolute age! but as always there is someone or something to blame. ie my Law exams. but it's okay, after wacthing the social network (The facebook movie) I was reminded of how much of a geek I was to my blog! so here it is happy new year and happy new blogging !

I did promise last years to finish uploading some more of my Art/textiles work onto blog.

I have attempted to do the impossible. Make a cape without a pattern.

                                  This thread emblishment was inspaired by alice Kettle

                                                                   Happy new year XX
                                                                   Happy Blogging XX

6 Jul 2010

When things come together and EXPLODE!

 Those who have read about my other pre-existing blog Little-big-fashion might have seen some of the of my experiments and designs just thought that i should bore you with some  of these ....

First Monoprint, then  Free machine (which is the term  some seamtresses use for sewing without a footer so the sewing just goes everywhere therefore you can swindle your fabric any where to create shapes you want) usually this method creates damage to your  sewing machine. God save those broken needles X
Above: this just reminds  me of a constructed Explosion.

if you read the earlier posts - these were some of  the experiments.
HMMM hours of  Free machining and dyeing  and Monoprinting.
Above: in keeping with Alice kettle adapted style. this is two heads joined togther

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