15 Dec 2009

Vintage Buys

Vintage Buys
As i was shopping around town (as always!) i'd been lucky to come across a little Vintage shop called Retro Noeuva which now happens to be one of my favourites in south west of England (i know! too descriptive)  but this little shop consisted of the dream closet of a vintage chic! it consisted of  vintage,canvases from the 60s which were unbeliveably clean , still intact and in excelent shape, various lengths of Dr marten boots, bags from the 50s all the way to the reto 80s rusell and brombely bags and an amazing range of real vintage scarves which the smell of vintage&old rustiness was a bonus to customers who bought them.Amazingly Retro Noeuva also covered your A/W basic needs along with Fur coats from my second favourite era the 50s ( i would tell you my first but that's another post for another day).

Bottom left: Fur coats,  Top left: 80s diamonte tops in Blues, Beige, Cream and Black.  Bottom right: vintage cutlery,plates and seaucers. Top right : Possibly a vintageVERAWANG! (i hope so)
.  These are on my wish list at first i thought that they were real croc skins but any ways who doesn't like faux?

So sorry about the quality of these pictures i really wish i had a nikon or a cannon with me but no i only had a tinyish camera equiped only with a few mega pixels :(

 Ladies 50s vintage bag.
These vintage bags! one day you will be mine (well, after i buy you :) )

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  1. O wow these look nice!! This the shop in the tented market??

  2. yep it's owned but danni an art student in new college it's so ace!

  3. Thanks for sharing these tobes! The vintage bag looks precious!

  4. loooove the faux croc purses!!!!

    thanks for finding me on ifb!

    top drawer vintage

  5. no problems :) i love vintage style :)

  6. Oh I wish there were good vintage stores in my town! This one sounds amazing. I guess I'll have to travel to England, lol!


  7. Extrodinary post. J'adore!

    There's really nothing better than stumbling across a precious vintage store. I actually might take it up as a hobby, Indiana Jones eat your heart out, I will explore the markets across the UK and track down uber cute vintage shops around and about.

    Niice. All I need now is an explorers hat and a rustic leather whip. :)

    Haha. :P

    Happy New Year my dear. Make it a good one!

    xx A xx

  8. happy new you to you too Abbie :) bring on the vintage adventure! :)
    happy blogging !

  9. I love your photos and your have great style! Happy new year! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  10. You find some great vintage buys! Awesome!!


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