27 Jan 2010

scouting for Gorky!

First of all I would like to thank every one whom have supported me in every way in creating this blog, secondly, I  would also  like to  thank [Zanah ! ( you should visit her blog it is also fab too ! )] for presenting "the Irrestistaable blogger's award (^_^)  and last but not least i am passing this award to the following people Abbie, from Fashion Loves You My Dahling  Ghost  Gotham hipster Christian Malibumara Call Me Stylista there i might have missed out some other fabulously irresistable blogs but I promise I will make it up to you guys.

Hey guys it's  Gorky!
okay his name is on the slightest bit of a pun side (geeky), but recently I have started a new "ray" of work in art and i find myself straying back to my roots which some might guess invloves surrelism and things like that.
here are some of the things  i have taken with this direction ---

If you wanna know who Gorky is click here Gorky!


  1. OH-EM-GEEE!

    Have I ever mentioned how cool you are! Like I am seriously smiling right now. I have never been given a blog award before, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me reach my 'blogging goal'.

    You are such a lovely, lovely girl.

    Thank you so much MY DAHLING!

    When I manage to figure out how the 'award giving' works, I will be sure to pass one right on to you. For your blog my dear, deserves many.

  2. Aw, well that's awfully nice of you xx :)

  3. Thanks hun! Thanks a ton for the award!!!

    I really liked your art and am now going off to read a little bit about gorky!

  4. Hey!! Ur blog is awesome!
    I am following!
    Hope you follow mine!!


  5. oh wow what a tre chic blog you have darling :) it is absolutely beautiful :) I am loving the art pieces :) chic indeed !

  6. Hello- thanks for the sweet compliment on my blog, you really made my day. I see you love fashion and art too, so up my alley. I'm going to follow you now and am looking forward to your next entries. xo.

  7. Congrats on the award! And awesome paintings!

  8. It's so sweet so many people support you ;)
    Go girl!

  9. I like them, great paintings.


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