12 Jan 2010

look back alittle tiny wintsy bit ^_^

London Fashion Week...........09
i just wanna look back and never forget

It's the "Do i look like a I've got too much hair" look.

My intresting year of 09

Cat suit more like hair suit ^_^  i actually when i saw this outfit i didn't shriek!  i looked at it think hmmm.... i like the whole bow thing  going on.. (emphasizes on the shoulder ) and that amazingly bountiful amount of hair ( of course it's a wig !  but i know that! and you knew that!).


  1. this is funny.... really crazy design, but not bad:)

  2. Those are very creative pieces:)

  3. very interesting, I have seen crazy hair shows but this is something else!

  4. that first picture reminded me of this: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/spk/1345338884.html

    I don't mean it in a mean way, but Sasquatch couldn't have asked for better

  5. Your blog is really coming together... I love it!! BTW I left an award for you on my blog :) Mon Mode Blog

  6. There are some quite creative pieces but some are disguisting!

  7. i LOVE stuff like this- so crazy cool its beautiful
    and gorgeous blogg- will definitely stop by again SOON!

  8. WOW..These are Crazy Cool i love the 3rd Photo..How in the hell do they do that i don't think i would walk rund with lips on top of my head but the pic is cool tho

  9. i love seeing over the top designs, great post!

  10. These are some wild looks - glad you posted! (-:

  11. i remember the hair creepers, they popped up a few times on shows last year

  12. Very interesting indeed.

    I'll be sure to rock my over sized lip head piece and give my hairy coat a run through with a good old comb before even considering stepping out the front door in the morning.

    I actually love this post. Fashion is such a beautiful thing, that catwalk literally screams imagination. Which I love. Thank you for sharing my dear.

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend & keep up the amazing posts. I love your blog soo much it's absolutely gorgeous.

    xx A xx

  13. goodness me, Chewbacca the one and only. :D YAY

  14. LOVE the hair. Its such a refined yet animalistic thing.


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