8 Jan 2010

vintage buys

Well, Well another week as finally gone by and  yet once again we've hit town stoping by various vintage  shops we could find! .
I really must apologize for not taking  camera batteries that could take pictures for a long time, perhaps not losing all vauable picture space on the camera what a shame tobes!! so here's the  list of what found! ; a vintage Amarni skirt, a Keno yellow Jacket, a Jacqmar silk vintage scarf which i bought, vintage Dior tights displayed below, various Hackett comfy jumpers and many many more

Does someone any one  knows the brand of this nice looking bag? [if so, please leave the name in the comments box]

Ah! those Dior thights, or stockings as those vintage people who'd have called it .
Might i had, these  lovely thingys  cost merely £0.99p what a thing! how on earth i'm i to pay for that! but i did type in christain dior vintage tights into Goggle and low and behold one site had it but never guess what? What says the reader! -- they cost £20.00p just for the tights  and that doesn't include post and package + shipping money !!.i really should go back to that shop and get this don't you think?  !

This is Geiger! by the way the jumper as a whole was fab1 to look at

Oh,! that hackett Sweater! or jumper which ever one!

oh! look yet another Geiger !

A Jacket from Retro Noeuva

  The Amazing Vintage Jacqmar 100% silk scarf for just £1.50!

Victorian Pendant from Retro Noeuva !
actually this is more than vinatge this is an antique find!!

Very much big big thanks too Danni from Retro noeuva for allowing me to take pictures from her shop Bless you!

Happy bloging readers!


  1. Me...jealous...much~!! Seriously good finds my dear, they are all divine! I cannot get over the tights! Dior for 99p!! Wow-my-god!

    Your posts are always so great to read. I love this one. Marvellously fabulous.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, now I have to go and wish for more snow so I can have another snow day on Monday.

    xx A xx

    As always, loving the blog!

  2. oh my, i want your dior tights and the vintage scarf so much! they are so desirable!!

  3. Oh, do you like vingtage? I'm dying to get your Jacmar scarf! anyway thank you for following! I'm using 450D of cannon :) I promise to show another photos better than train cuts.

  4. oooh great find here, dior tights for cheap cheap!well done

  5. You found some great vintage pieces! Way to go!!


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