6 Jan 2010


As i sat down with a cup of milk a two slices of toast (oh yes,butter,melting, over melting Drip,drip) as the british bloggers know there is no college opened today due to the amount of snow (oh yes happiness)
I was so blanked out by what to blog about . I thought let's go back to what i was made out of Art (so i say ). so here it is, a taste of what is to come, part of my new year's resolution post about art .

 My art work : body work absract photography


  1. Great pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am not sure if it will be another snow day again tomorrow it has started snowing again here :)

  2. Wow...these are really cool...I've never seen anyone take photos like this and I totally get it!


  3. oh wow,
    cool photos!
    and how funny that you know so many filipinos! i know a alot here too,
    and lucky you for snow!
    its just really cold here :)

  4. hi Tobes. those pictures are interesting. i really enjoyed seeing every single shot. thank you for sharing and have a nice day :)

  5. this is unreal!

    xo Niki

    ps. I have a "haute giveaway" right now, you can win a pretty leather clutch! details here: http://ahautemess.blogspot.com

  6. nice blog too. will make sure to check in on what you are up to.


  7. thanks to both nikis
    happy bloging xoxo

  8. My dear. You continue to make me smile.
    You know what.. I knew you would! I was thinking, the way you write and your style and you sound like me, I thought you would. How amazing is that right?!

    I am in love with The Rapture, and no sex for ben , I am actually addicted, this has got to be my 15th listen of today. I will tire of it soon.

    Anyway I must go and get some rest I suppose, but I don't really see the point because whether I'm at school tomorrow is a mystery. All this snow. I do rather love it!

    Take care, speak soon, Great post by the way, very beautifully expressive.

    xx A xx

  9. Oh my god! Oh my gosh! Oh my gawd! OMG!

    LOVE, LOVE , LOVE Roisin Murphy! Tobes you are a ledge of a girl! Taa very much for the heads up on her, she is so up my street of tune-age! Love her voice, and isn't she just gorgeous! 'You know me better than I know myself' is fabulous. Okay more over The Rapture, it's Murphy's turn!

    Pure class act!

    Ta hun, and aren't you special, two comments in the space of like 20 minutes.


    Speak soon my dear.

    xx A xx

    Always a pleasure.

  10. Beautiful photos! Just found your blog and love your style. Your outfit in your title photo is totally gorgeous. If you have a chance I'd love it if you check out my blog www.my-lon.blogspot.com.

  11. This is fantastic! It makes the imagination fly =)


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