26 Feb 2010

More from james and my knitters!

Okay  I have been debating with my self which  post to put up first the  "Funny or Die" skecthes with James and Dave Franco !! or  my Mid- Half term holiday with knitting.
 Hurray! knitting wins !. But hey, get prepared for some James Franco. ( although i'm almost 18 now, and I've been a fan since 11, i've always wondered whether james will be appearing on some bloggers Blog or something as Authentic as that !   here's a snipet

here goes___
One afternoon on friday, immediately after my art lesson, i discovered a bunch of class  mates indain inkpainting onto silk, and others knitting ( well one of them to be extact!)
P.s i've  always knitted since  i was in Africa, but some how moving to England, kinda made me loose those qualites and i wanted them back. Plus i've always gotten my knitted (i.e scarves) wear from H&M but i wanted something different as it is spring and it's always un-predictedly cold! in the south west.

First attempt!(complete with holes) feel free to laugh you fashionable knitting gurus.

completed  with my  victorian vintage gold broch.
Petals! I actually could wear this with a cute jacket.
My green turtles. okay, not part of the knitting game i agree. but it was worth it. I'll be taking those off soon.

Here are some other cute things i found. some emblishment i did not so long ago!
More embelishment !


  1. Great effort on the knitting. I couldn't knit if I tried. Howevever, I have been thinking along the same lines in regards to embellishments.

    I am in the process of purchasing bits and pieces to make my own embellishments to go on basic singlets and tees.

    I hope to see your knitted pieces on some of your jackets, tops, hats....

    Miss Bias

  2. Oh they're cool!
    Good luck with your knitting :)

    I tried knitting, but I wasnt very good at it :(

  3. thanks guys. yep ! i definately need those good luck wishes! xo

  4. interesting blog :) keep it up!
    love /pdM

  5. Ooohh..my sister in law she love knitting..i love it too,but i can't..wondering why? :)

  6. So great that you knit! I am not good at anything crafty and i wish I was! (-:

  7. Love your blog! Just signed up to follow....do the same? :)

  8. Gorgeous work, darling!


  9. I wish I could knit :)I love your blog. Following

    Love vanilla

  10. Ah I wish I could knit! I used to do crochet back at home in Africa (another thing we have in common!) but I completely forgotten now.. I should get back into that and knitting as well.

    Your blog is so awesome ! Following :)


  11. it's so interesting...keep going!!!

  12. Oh great job on the knitting and embellishments - they all look lovely!

  13. you did a wonderful job on adding the brooch to the knitting...make it really stand out :)

  14. Hello My Dear.
    I am glad somebody has realised my awesome-ness ;) you too are very awesome.

    Wow. The model work sounds very cool, that must have been amazing! Jealous .. much!

    xx A xx

  15. Aw cute knitting projects, keep it up!




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