4 Mar 2010

Scouting for James

Hi all i'm dedicating this post to James Franco. you know, the one in Pineapple Express, Spiderman [Harry],  and the Gucci by Gucci Ad Homme  and resently done cameos in 30rock. and a fab character in general hospital so to speak.
 But any way, i just  wish to  share some funny moments with you. through fan based searches on the internet, *ahem* came by funnyordie  website includes funny sketches from the comedy pack : James Franco, Judd Apatow, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen. you know that lot. and yes they do come  up with some pretty hilarious stuuf it kinda mature but i just turned 18 so i  think i can testify to watching these. p.s his fashion sense isn't that bad. Not that that they needed to be proven to you. see  for yourself.

30 rock


  1. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen it's official. i love you, your blog and your amazingly cool comments! We have so much in common it's rid-ic-u-lous!

    Singer sewing machines excite the living day lights out of me! There's something about the vintage smell of dust and workmanship. & thank you for the excellent advice, I will be sure to treasure mine forever.

    I must appologise for my rude-ness, I haven't popped by in a while,, t'was completely un-cool of me. Been busy revising for some science tests that are .. TOMORROW! arghh.. *deep breath*.. and calm. :).. anyhoo, here I am. Leaving another long message. As I like to do. Sadly this lovely little message to you is going to have to come to an end, for I must revise some more. Yay!

    keep up your fabulous blog DAHLING :D

    xx A xx

  2. HUBBA HUBBA marry me James Franco ^_^ haha

    LOVING this post very much !

  3. James is soooo hot! Love him....great post!


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