9 Mar 2010

Murad's Muse

Event: New season Spring
Designer : favourite haute couture designer Zuhair Murad !
Collection : Haute Couture S10
Hey,  you like my introduction?. Yeah, like you didn't know i was gonna  do this post :). Had it coming along all the while, just waiting for the  right time  to Spring this on you (No pun intended) :)
 first of all i'll begin by praising Mr. Murad for  an amazing show last season Winter Rhapsody to say the least. but this season Couture was on another level___  more wearable than usual but  still couture of course!

Officer's muse it was called less diamonds more skills
I actually like this. a dress with adorments: the usual diamontes, diamonds,and exqusite jewlery although i would love to strip those accesory type medal off that dress and add it to my vintage collection. ha! how very unreal. very.Balmain A/w 09
the hat makes me feel like moving to dubai. in the emirates palace.
Skills!!  look at  those embelishments!!

Now, what do you get when you cross both Balmain and Lavin A/W09 together, pour white fabric paint all over it (including the shoes too!) well, i don't need to tell you.^_^.

Again Skills!

This dress just had to be squeezed into this post! feels like geogeous emblishmentts! in royal blue.

An last but not least the ever (always beautiful finishing *ahem* wedding dress) they always make me cry T.T
All pictures are from : The ociated Press
Need to go now xo
Very tired but still need to go watch  some gossip girl &90210 and  wait, the return of Antm.  don't judge ^_^ havn't spent quality time with my Tv yet.


  1. I'm loving the military-inspired designs!
    On my way to watch gossip girl too!


  2. Beautiful designs, so intricate & lovely!

  3. zuhair is totally fantastic! he's always got the best eye for detail thats innovative and ladylike for the most part.:) im not surprised that he's your favourite!

    really fantastic blog right here, hope you can come check out mine/follow as well? ill be sure to return the favour!


  4. THose military jackets are to die for! The details are killer and that blue dress makes me want to cry!

  5. That bride gown is gorgeous i want to get married - in like 10 years in that haha without the head thing

  6. That wedding dress is insane! Love all the military embellishments and the fits of the dresses.



  7. Wow I love the military styling

    Love vanilla

  8. Now, what do you get when you cross both Balmain and Lavin A/W09 together, pour white fabric paint all over it (including the shoes too!) well, i don't need to tell you.^_^.

    Totally agree! I loved Balmain's last collection, and this other collection seems to have a lot of military inspired elements.


  9. I so neeeeed that jeweled encrusted black dress asap!! So heavenly!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Those dresses are wonderful.

  11. heyp! i love the bridal gown! i want to have that as my wedding gown
    !!! cool


    do drop by & tell me what u think of my blog

  12. i agree with you. murad's brilliant!
    love his military-inspired designs. i love how he combined the military jacket with the mega white gown. superb!!

  13. i always love military inspired creations. Looks fierce.

    btw my husband is shooting with Nikon d40. Am sorry for the late reply.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  14. This collection is gorgeous, I haven't seen it yet!
    Great post :)


  15. These are gorgeous <3
    I especially love the wedding dress and the navy military piece.

  16. WOW! Those are some ultra luxe looks - gorgeous.

  17. I might never get over that wedding gown. O-M-G. Such genius!

  18. yes me too kristin, i too will never get over it . just too beautifull!

  19. Omg love love love the military jackets here! So bomb!



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