29 Apr 2010

Eat your dessert and cakes

I know , I know i keep referin to my V&A trip but it was heck fun!
After visiting all the exihibits  i made a dash for the nearest high street. i think this one was on the way to chelsea but any ways i went into Harrords food halls and yes the food was delisously inexpensive even i could afford ! but then i couldn't stop there i went deeper into the high street to serach for more  mouth watering delights and came into this shop.  didnt even look up to see it's name  but oh well you know what happened next right? it invovles a lot of munching!

This is just so yummy!
Okay, your eyes must be watery and mouth drooling did you see the flowery cake in the bakground of that photo? i'm telling you it was actually chocolate. pure
These bags were from the V&A hmm odnt they look tasteful? try  and figure out waht the bag is.
                                                    I could totally see you drooling!
lol XO


  1. Looks yummy :)


  2. the v and a is one of my favourite places, esp the top floor where all they keys and gates are. pretty geeky buy hey

  3. Ok those desserts just made me uber hungry, lol. I love the bag at the end as well, gosh I would love it. Great post!

  4. hay gorgeouss..
    this is my first time on your blog.. and i love it so much, so im following your blog,
    would you check out mine and follow me back?
    kisss :*


  5. looks soooooooooo good, and pretty as well!

  6. YUM! That bag looks delish!!

  7. why did I miss that when I've been to London!?!? I love cake!

  8. Damn, I`m hungry now! :)

    Best, Jenny


  9. Interesting works, and thank you for mentioning my artwork as well. Regards and good luck with the blog.



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