25 May 2010

Jahmene Douglas!-

I know i know, you thought  that  I'd left this blog to into a sprial of so last month" Decline!
Ahem that is infact  not the case , i'm truly sorry for my reat absense and i will [that's a promise] will try to make up for it . i Blame my 15 hour Art exam!

I'm sure every one has amazing friends which they were just perhaps jealous of or wished they had their talent. well i can tell you that i've had friends  like that most of  my life. *ahem yeah you know i'm talking about you*. But sometimes, as i have a blog i sometimes feel quite selfish for not introducing some of the amazing people that I have met in the space of six months!

One of these people is Jahmene Douglas. Just a normal guy that i met not so long ago! turns out to be a singer! whose voice is tremendously mesmerising. i can say no more. just pure expression of Art.
Talented people Eat your heart OUT!
Have a listen to a sample of his amazing voice ............ P.s also check out his blog Jahmene's blog

I hope you enjoy ! xo tobes

check him out on youtube and face book XO  oh and it's good to be back! miss you guys.


  1. You're alive then! I was getting quite concerned my dear. I absolutely LOVE all of your comments on my blog, they do make me smile ever so much.

    Lovin' this post. He's beautiful.

    Gorgeous blog, as always Dahling.

    Xx A Xx

  2. he has a wonderful voice!!! =)


  3. Welcome back :)
    Great voice!

  4. wow, amazing voice!
    thanks for the comment :)

  5. Glad to see your back at it darling! Don't you love having such talented friends, I've been spotlighting a few of mine recently too...one of the reasons I wanted the blog! Cheers. xo

  6. Glad you are back!! (-: Love that you are sharing talented people you have met with us!

  7. 15 hr art exam?!
    what??? well welcome back missy!
    and thx for stopping by the blog :)

  8. He has such an amazing voice!


  9. He's so handsome and has an amazing voice!! xoxoxoxoxo

  10. He has an amazing voice. And that's one of my favorite songs, great post!

    Sarah Jane


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