3 Jun 2010

Scouting for Vintage Style-Found it!

When a season disappoints [fashion wise. trust me it happens] there's only about a few solutions for that.
  for me i  re-retrieve to my roots vintage *ahem which is now been imitated  by the  high street. for instance the "vintage collection" which in fact isn't actually vintage.  what a rip off!.
or completely shone the high street and go DIY!

Moving on...
As always you know  me it's a 50-50 thing when it comes to Vintage and DIY for me. this season the  whole vintage thing is working for me i have  the pastel coloured scarfs vintage of course, those 80's  skirt which by the way, makes every one look  good! and so on.....
any ways remember in my last post i mentioned that I've just met  some of the most amazing people and it would be very selfish of me not to  share them with you? . Well this time it's fashion wise. going around as you do trying to  find people with similar interest as i, i found heather.

On a sunny Friday afternoon after college i spotted her wearing this amazing vintage dress which was very 60's,  i took up the courage to ask her  if she could please feature on my blog and where she'd gotten her stunning dress from. The answer? an high street  store!  i  just love it when you just can't tell and when people still knowledge that  you can make an item vintage as long  as it can make it work . Heather did :)
We did a photo shot in which she brought in some of her amazing vintage pieces  to share with the rest of the blog sphere! Enjoy!
First outfit.
Although high street i truly appreciate her sense of style. There is an element of femininity in there, and structure of outfits that contains poise, adventure, a sense of the modern girl. (who actually understands that you mustn't wear all your labels at once) and also carries her body shape very well.
Ah, the essential 40's dress.the simplicity, the sweetheart neckline, the colours and fabric. This is what i call Full House Vintage . love it . an original piece that still conveyed the style of the era which the garment first existed.
By the way, that tiny waist belt, see the silvery buckle on it? (above).  It sparkles like a little diamante. just thought  you should know.

I think the skirt might be cotton.
Hope you could zoom in on the embellishments on the skirt.
That Jacket.

I also feel obliged to share with you my favourite Vintage hot spot in the UK! well, the website at least.
This website features places where exquisite vintage wears are sold. the gang travel a from London to Brighton, Birmingham and loads of other places and have featured Kylie, Kate Moss and so on. if you live in the UK, visit this website.
XO thanks for reading this long post just had to clear somethings .


  1. I love the skirt with embellishments. I'm used to wearing mini skirts, but I'd like to try a longer one. I found some cool ankle-length ones at the thrift store today but I didn't get them since I wasn't sure how I could incorporate them into my wardrobe.

  2. love this post, hope you do more like this in the near future. you have captured her really well, love that 40s dress, that is quite a find! she looks lovely

  3. you are stunning

    love your style and blog <3


  4. The second picture is awesome! Great inspiration ♥


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