24 Jun 2010


Some times it's all about the dress, that special garment which is "oh so in!" or the vintage one offs! (i especially love those).
But as i sit here in college (after finishing my English Lit&Lang exam bore!)
 I review a year in blogging. i must admit,  it was enjoyable, some times it becomes one of those things which you feel is just so wonderful and your glad to be a part of or to witness.
 for instance those people which lived through the 80's. the media can sometimes portray those years a s" fun Disco and Moore fun !".And those people whom lived throughout the sixties hhmm politically NOT fun but Meh... we got there. i bet they  can now say to themselves "Oh yes I've been through something those KIDs have not".

Moving backwards
I've  had fun designing reviewing new artist, finding Yay! and Nay fashion movements [if you can call them that]. i could also say that this year is not over, i hope  the  winter months  brings as much  fun as i had on the
BLOG SPHERE. i.e Zuhair Murad's winter collections Ellie Saab's winter collections, McQueen's collection and that weird buzz of excitement which i always, always get from John Galliano's Haute Couture.

Moving Forwards.
i was just  trying to reinforce my ultimate love for Africa (south Africa -world cup whoop!)especially in the west. although i only lived there for 11 years. but now living in Europe, the media here puts a specific point of view on me which i always had at the  very back of my mind which is "Will Africa ever develop?". fashion wise? is it just the old Batik prints and boring techniques which I've always seen and grown up with. that will only come out of  the African fashion shows?. Meh .. how time has proved me wrong.
African fashion is changing  the talented designers have realised that Africa has skill which  is such a wide spread and is able to become a fashion movement not just a seasonal thing.
they have looked into detail and taking the local skills, the extremely gorgeous Embellishments,  and almost ethical fabrics such as Ankara, Batik  and lace cotton.  hey have also mixed western patterns  with Africa's patterns too. designers such as..Tiffany Amber okay, that's not her real name it's Folake Folarin-Coker.

The Embellished belts
Below designer
Eyola by Aloye Adede


 last but not least...
"Jewel By Lisa" from designer Lisa Folawiyo



Moving  right on....                                                                                                                                      
Just also thought about those "things" in which i made or perhaps designed. 

 Above is the front : below is the back
Side   after ten  20hours of designing, experimenting, pattern making, sewing, embellishments and trying to sew with a zipper foot! oh ! the joys.
Mono printing, and embellishments . inspirations were drawing from Alice kettle's  fabric stitching, Kettle and 
Mario zampedroni. i can not begin to  tell you  about the other  fun things  which i embarked whilst  creating these. and the other experiments that i had  carried  out i could be here all day and my computer may crash

So there! cheers to a blog sphere that  sort after fashion and Art. definitely an experience to remember
also i wanna say a big big thank you to all those  whom have always commented and even bordered to read this blog, whilst i  has consumed by the  power of AQA (examination Boards) and the OCR. which resulted in the almost near neglecting of this blog .
Many thanks I'm not leaving. just moving forward  and about to type up another post.


  1. wow.. interesting splash of colors from that corset/bustier! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. The detail on the dresses are gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for the comment!


  3. great post and I am glad you are not leaving us! (-:

  4. great photos,
    and i don't think it will be on there,
    but like i said it is on hulu.com so you can always catch it online :)

  5. Ohh so nice of you. Thank you so much for your lovely comment
    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  6. i love the pattern of that dress, very cute!


  7. love, that bustier is love! i cant wait to see it totally finished. love all the selections here too. gorgeous fabrications!


  8. b-e-a-utiful photos! i LOVE the flow of the 2nd dress, and the prints on it are amazing!!
    awesome post! :)

  9. These are awesome, what a great post!

  10. u r so talented! unlike other "designers" you DRAW inspiration from other lines, not copy! =]

  11. very cool! you're so talented! i don't even know how use a sewing machine:(

  12. gorgeous! that's amazing!

  13. this is one vibrant post for sure!

  14. Oh wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! And the belts are fabulous at the start of this post too!


  15. That corset is like a watercolor painting. So pretty!

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    loving all the posts :)

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    if interested check out


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