20 Apr 2010

I give you Grace Kelly! and the V&A , VIVI WESTWOOD !

What excatly can i say about Grace Kelly her  amazingness as a style icon, or her extremely cool princess fairy tale role that actually came to llife for her. i'll be here all day!

found my self at the V&A 9Victoria and Albert museum) for the second time in a month!
but trust me i have lots of work to do, many post to came along and definately more photos from my around the south west of England trip during the easter holidays!

Only Just the Vivi Westwood gown!
before looking at the remaining photos i suggest you have a peice of cloth for the following purposes
1. wiping away tears of ashtonishment! and designer happiness! and shear amazingnees of skills!
2. to also wipe away your drooling  over the beauty of these garments!
3. also to wipe away any excess water in your face after loking at them !
i'm sorry it's just that reconing with such amazing garments can be hardwork even for Fashionstonias!
JUST be Dazzled!
                Such skills. i promise i do have more and so much more things to show you! but now i must really dash. i think my laptop is about to crash due to over load of too many beautful and amazing photos from the V&A!
No, really it's true.


  1. Such gorgeous dresses! I would love to visit the V&A one day!

  2. I love the first dress a lot. Mostly because of its color. But the yellow dress is also pretty chic. I'm a follower now girl. :)

  3. oohhh.... i love these dresses! soooo gorgeous! <3 wanna have them all.... :)

    great blog girl :) I'm gonna follow you back :P



  4. OMG. How amazing!! Grace Kelly's style is so impeccable. These gowns are beautiful.

    Random fact: Grace Kelly and I actually share the same birthday :)

  5. wow, stunning designs! i love the last dress. the details and the color are super amazing. thanks for sharing! <3

  6. oo i went to see all this at the v&a too! i fell in love with the last dress!


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