17 Apr 2010

Vinatge, V&A, loafers,

Thanks for the holiday!
Just a 2second walk from the V&A we found Church fields. A shop that sells mainly mens shoes. so we
went in found some nice ones took some picture without asking (how rude!)  and we imagine wearing those
fab men's shoes with a white crisp or perhaps even vintage 50's white T-shirt with it .
This was my favourite :) wish they came in green! Henry Holland did make ones like these

And perhaps later we will be served with these tea cups in a near by vintage tea shop.
the tea cups were from Harrods by the way not mine

And then some more....
infact listening to to some songs on these fab vintage, retro radio piece we found in the V&A

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  1. I am loving the shoes in the 2nd pic and have been looking for a similar pair for ages !! And the teacups are very british :)

    Mon Mode Blog


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